This is a free meme creating app which is fully loaded with all the features that a meme generator app should have. It is very easy to use and quickly creates cool memes.


  • More than 1000 pre-loaded meme templates, no downloading required.
  • Search option to find pictures based on emotions like sad, happy, crazy etc.
  • Make meme of your photo with custom meme option
  • Crop photo and add border to photo
  • 30 fonts and size up to 100
  • Text shadow and text outline
  • Get the app to know more...


"This is a great meme maker. There are hundreds of photo options and it's quick and easy to use."                                    -Keith Goodson

"Easy to use... no more looking for stuff "close" to what I want to say!"                                  -Jim Circle

"This is awesome and addicting."                                                        - The Shaws

"This app allows the sizing of text which is more than the others do. Very easy to use. "                                                -Frank H.

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